Dessert Tables

Pastry Table

This table has a wide variety of fine and handmade pastries; delicious mini cupcakes, rich personalized cookies, colorful gelatin desserts, tasty decorated cake pops, chocolate pretzels, exquisite fruit tarts and chocolate covered apples. Decor and display table are included for your event. 

Gourmet Table

This table, in addition to having some of the desserts already mentioned, includes an elegant fountain with four waterfalls of delicious dark chocolate, milk or white, strawberry skewers with marshmallows, wafers and pretzels placed in glass jars, different types of accessories (bases, flowers, candles, photo frames or names of the bride and groom, quinceañera or host). Overall, you customize the table based on your preferences; we help you display it creatively. 

Dessert Tables

Fruit Table

A colorful fruit display that contains a variety of fresh fruit that is in season, skewers with your choice of fruit,  fruit cups ready to be enjoyed, a beautiful fountain with four waterfalls of rich chamoy, frituras (Mexican snacks), chips, and to give it a little more of flavor spicy Mexican tamarind candies. 

Dessert Tables

Personalized Cookies

Beautiful and delicious cookies decorated for every occasion; we can place a picture of anyone, cartoons, characters, themes or any idea that you want to share with your guests.

$ 38.00 for 12 pieces


Personalized Marshmallows

For birthdays, baptisms, baby showers, and any other event. Choose characters, themes, your photo, or cartoons. These chocolates are ideal for your centerpieces.

$ 20.00 for 12 pieces

Gelatin Dessert 

Beautiful and delicious gelatin desserts with edible impressions. We have ten different flavors and unique designs and figures that will give an original touch to your event.

Dessert Tables

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